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"Stop poking me Ang!!"  Okay the cowboys lost... it breaks my heart, but I should be used to gut wrenching defeat by now.  I'm working on an exciting new show and I get to choreograph a lap dance which is making me nervous.  But as long as the theatre doesn't flood it should be okay.  Everyone is still talking about the Cactus play... I guess that ones going to forever live in infamy...(Or until I replace it with a bigger and better plant co-star)  Other than that life is good...so you can stop poking me NOW!!

P.S. send me some cool Icons please!
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Why can't I seem to figure out what all these buttons do...??   Minneapolis is weird..  Why is it that I find the suburban quality of Minnisota to be more unsettling than shuffling through the empty crack viles on Steuben street? 

There's this weird kind of silent, open door, smiling on the outside creepy on the inside that permiates the neighborhood I bike through every morning and night.  (and where the f$#! is spell check on this bitch!)  And its that same nice on the outside, completely condescending on the inside demeanor that has motivated me to drink a surprising amount since working up here.  I have realized, however, that this behavior MUST stop if I'm to get my 3 scenes up and on their feet by Saturday.  This is why I'm taking a vow not to drink anymore (or at least until Friday) this happened after waking and puking my guts out this morning.  It just made me feel bad to barf and then stare into the faces of bright, young, opera singing hopefuls... knowing that I was a bad, bad girl... and that I was going to take it out on them in the form of lack luster blocking and even worse... MOVEMENT BASED IMPROVE!!!

I'm ready to go back to my starving artist New York dreams... where I can drink and puke in the safety of dirty, pee smelling streets.

Current Location: my big ass suburban house
Current Mood: contemplative contemplative
Current Music: The Magic Flute...damnit!

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